MD Mr. Dinesh Nanik Lulla

Founder Speaks

My work ethic and drive is inculcated not only in my ventures but also in my employees. In 1991 while starting out ,I was working out of a small cabin of 30 Square feet, working 16 hours a day with fierce competition and tremendous difficulties, the road was uphill and at times I had to make a trail where there was none and pave it with hard work and sacrifice so that I may forge ahead. This was instrumental for me to steel and sharpen my focus and eliminate the unnecessary so that what was left was a clear vision of what was to be done with the firm belief that a rough road leads to the stars. In the following years I have diligently worked to bring that vision and dreams into fruition.

 Success is an inevitability for a person who doesn’t give up but it is a lonely road to the top and not having anyone to share the view at the top of the mountain is hollow success indeed. We as people need to try to be a people of value and we will become a people of success as success earned without compromising on principles and values is more permanent and this is something which I aspire for every day till there is breath in my lungs .”Optimism is the key word”


  • Pursuit of Excellence in each and every aspect of our operations and continuous improvement for value creation for us and our stakeholders.
  • Expansion of the organization without compromising the quality of our products and services.
  • Develop the industry in which we are involved in so as to improve the overall breath, range, quality and variety of our marketable goods.
  • Spread Ethical awareness in all our related business fields by being in the forefront of ethical business practises so that we can raise the importance and value of ethical business by example.


  • A long term view for expansion and development of our current businesses as that we can reach our full potential that can be possibly achieved in the respective fields. And need be we can widen the field to accommodate our organisations potential.
  • Development of new businesses which can provide us an outlet for growth for our energy and drive which will help us to achieve footprints across multiple industries and provide us positive growth of our organization.
  • Maintain our position as industry leader and help other players in the market by setting benchmarks which they can follow.


  • Reduce cost of our operations over rising inflation and ‘cost to do’ business.
  • Improve cost feasibility over a long term horizon by widening of our customer and product base
  • Develop and maintain stakeholder relations to enable better communications with vendors and customer retention
  • Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of current infrastructure to enable more value creation raise the benchmark of the industry through constant evaluation and revision of our objectives so that we can motivate the industry to move forward. Steer and align our operations towards our core values and mission to enable a unified effort towards our vision
  • Expand the operations and cater to increased working capital needs through long term planning and centralized leveraging of finance.
  • Improve our marketing capability in terms of customer conversion and market penetration.


1991 is when our journey and the beginning of an empire spanning across India begins. It started all with Dinesh Sales Corporation which was primarily a trading concern in Acid Oils, Fatty Acid and Oleo Chemicals. Gradually we brought in warehousing capacity to our business with additions of Godowns and with this began our wholesaling business in Acid Oils ,Fatty Acid and Oleo Chemicals with Divine Oleo Formulations (India)LLP in 2014.

We branched out into construction with the start of Divine Shelter Constructions LLP in 2013 and also engaged in renting, sale and Purchase of properties and land. Our entry into agricultural produce was through Divine Shelter Farm through which we have created plantations of Chikoo, Mango, and Bamboo ,Coconut & Vegetables.

                           Our Journey has been about growth and expansion at a breakneck speed to turn us into the conglomerate we are today.

Corporate social responsibility

We are actively engaged in many activities so that we can fulfil our responsibility to the society, as society is the water on which the ship of enterprise sails. We do not broadcast our effort as we believe that good acts should be done selflessly without any expectation as whatever good you do ultimately comes back to you hundredfold.


  • Team work-We Believe that a lot more can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit and hence we imbibe this much needed quality in our team so that the work takes place in unified direction.
  • Perseverance- The business environment is one with ups and downs but we persevere in spite of it as he conquers who endures.
  • Honesty- We find it more rewarding to be honest and open in business as there is no legacy as rich as honesty.
  • Determination-If we are to maintain and expand our high position in the market we need to have determination in every day that we wake up and this quality is infused within us on a collective basis.
  • Frugality-We have imbibed this quality In our organisation and its team as this translates into every aspect whether it be managing cost or time as we abhor wastage and this translates into better value for our stakeholders.

Our Commitment

  • The markets we deal in fluctuate on a daily basis, but once we give a commitment we stand by it and fulfil it irrespective of profit or loss as for us commitments are a priority and financials are secondary.
  • We stand by our motto of “Do our best and give our best” and follow this even if the times get difficult.
  • Provide best value available currently in the market
  • Keep and maintain relationships in a way which benefits the people who come into contact with us.
  • Provide a heightened level of ease to do business
  • Provide end to end support from negotiation, order placement ,logistics, delivery and after sales support